Office of Pre-Professional 项目

The Office of Pre-Professional 项目 supports undergraduates pursuing post-baccalaureate programs in dentistry, 法律, 医学, occupational therapy, 验光, 药店, physician assistant, physical therapy and veterinary 医学.

Our targeted population of first and second year pre-professional students choose to work with pre-professional advisors to gain awareness of their responsibilities and the expectations to become viable candidates to apply for admission to their health or 法律 program.

访问ing admission representatives provide up to date information, community professionals contribute to programming to provide invaluable insight, multiple levels of mentoring opportunities build relationships, and endless educational resources enhance students academic experience. Third and fourth year students are provided one on one guidance on interviewing skills, networking with professionals, developing personal statements, 应用程序检查, test prep resources for MCAT, 考试, PCAT, DAT, 燕麦, and GRE assessments, and experiential learning opportunities. 

Summer Virtual Academy and On campus options available for 2023

Updated: 08/02/2023 07:47AM